Tree Wells

The Tree Care team spends a large portion of their time installing tree wells around Surrey on the city's boulevard trees. Tree wells improve the heath of the tree by helping the roots retain moisture and protecting the trunks from being damaged by mowers.

Blackie Spit Planting

The Tree Care Team panted 9 trees in total in the Cresent Beach area, which is a harsh environment that was in need of a few more stand alone shade trees.

Blackie Spit Watering and Maintenance

The Tree Care Team decided that they would take caring for the trees they planted in their own hands and now visit Blackie Spit twice a week for watering.

Green Timbers Garry Oak Watering 

Green Timbers Urban Forest is home to a very unique meadow ecosystem of Garry Oak trees. These are an endangered species that are normally only found in certain environments on Vancouver Island. The Garry Oaks need special attention in order to survive in a habitat they are not normally found. The Tree Care Team helps out by watering them twice a week.

Shade Tree Maintenance Projects

John Thompson Park

South Surrey Athletic Park

The Tree Care Team has worked on a few projects removing invasive species that are overtaking and crawling up important shade trees in parks. John Thompson Park and South Surrey Athletic Park are two projects that involved removing blackberry from the base of shade trees.