Surrey's Natural Areas Partnership


About SNAP

Founded in 2001, Surrey's Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP) is a unique collaboration that brings together local community non-profit societies and the City of Surrey Parks Division to restore and enhance our urban forest, and promote environmental stewardship across the city of Surrey. 



This unique partnership empowers youth with practical career experience in environmental education and conservation while achieving the shared goals embraced by each partner group.

SNAP's partners include the Green Timbers Heritage SocietySunnyside Acres Heritage SocietyWhite Rock & Surrey Naturalists, and the City of Surrey's Parks Urban Forestry and Environmental Programs section.


The Partnership

Part of what makes SNAP so unique is our ability to collaborate across institutional boundaries in the pursuit of a common goal - bettering our urban forest. Each partner group brings distinct and valuable expertise, resources and perspective to the partnership making SNAP a truly extraordinary program.


Our Shared Vision:

We envision a community where everyone recognizes the importance of nature and works together to protect our natural heritage.


Our Mission:

As a collaboration between three local non-profit organizations and the City of Surrey Parks Division, we seek to achieve four objectives:


  • To increase the capacity of grassroots organizations to take a leading and proactive role in the protection of our natural heritage.

  • To empower youth as future leaders in environmental education and conservation.

  • To restore and enhance natural areas, wildlife habitat, and Surrey's urban forest.

  • To promote environmental stewardship and an understanding of nature's benefits


Click on the logos to learn more about the partner groups, what they do, and how to get involved with their organization.


Work with SNAP

The SNAP program provides meaningful, career building work experience for students who are interested in working in the environmental sector. Each spring SNAP hires post secondary students from universities, colleges and technical institutions across BC and Canada.


Junior Team Member positions are also available for senior high school students looking to gain valuable work experience in a professional environment.


SNAP also offers numerous opportunities for volunteers to help out our teams with various projects across Surrey. Volunteering is a great way to try something new and see what working in the environmental sector can entail!


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