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Newton Pond Park Stewardship Series - Year in Review

A busy bumble bee visits the beautiful purple flowers of Newton Pond’s lupines

Rain or shine, life perseveres at Newton Pond Park. The seasons push new boundaries, changing landscapes and life forms of all kinds. SNAP’s seasonal teams have worked in harmony with these conditional shifts, approaching both new and continuous projects with enthusiasm and determination.

SNAP’s work throughout Newton Pond Park has had quite the impact this year. Across many months, and multiple, dedicated teams, we’ve successfully reported 421 iNaturalist observations, removed invasive scotch broom and Himalayan blackberry, planted over 500 native plants, and integrated 12 new nest boxes. Not to mention the outreach teams’ work, producing 6 videos, writing 7 blog posts, engaging with diverse audiences and researching the site’s history. These meaningful projects helped SNAP members further develop their professional skills, while revitalizing Newton Pond’s ecosystem.

Native shrubs planted by the fall field team

While some things may change, a whole lot still stays the same. Newton’s ecosystem continues its cycle through the seasons, while SNAP members slowly wrap up their work terms. Be it for the park, or the people, there’s no telling what kind of exciting new experiences await.

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