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SNAP x SHaRP Planting at Hyland Creek Park

In July, teams from SNAP and the Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP) removed invasive plants at Hyland Creek Park to prepare the site for restoration planting. This weekend, the teams returned to the park to plant native trees and shrubs.

Hyland Creek planting Oct 17 1 of 2 (1).

SNAP x SHaRP Invasive Removal at Hyland Creek Park

SNAP and the Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP) worked on a collaborative project at Hyland Creek Park to enhance the urban forest and wetland habitat by removing invasive species like Himalayan blackberry. Working together helped the youth achieve their common goal of enhancing the Surrey parks' ecosystems. At the end of the week, Mayor Doug McCallum and Councillors came out to visit the youth in action. 


Green Timbers Urban Forest Wetland Restoration Project

The Green Timbers Urban Forest Wetland Restoration Project was one of SNAP's special projects, completed with the help of VanCity staff and donations. This area of the park is a seasonal wetland and a sensitive habitat. Many years ago there was a disturbance to the area which can be recognized by low laying vegetation surrounded by denser, taller vegetation. A large area next to the wetland had been overtaken by Himalayan Blackberry, a well known invasive species in the Lower Mainland. SNAP worked to remove the invasive species and a management plan has been put in place for the area, including replanting in the fall!

Kiyo Park Volunteer Event

The Kiyo Park Project was a Himalayan Blackberry removal close the the park's very important salmon bearing stream. This event was open to everyone to come help out and restore the habitat!

Guildford Heights Blackberry Removal Event

The Guildford Heights Restoration Project was a multi-day project that invited volunteers to help remove invasive Himilayan Blackberry. The restoration team also removed Lamium, graffiti from trees, litter and they even built a fence to prevent unsanctioned trails from being created.

Latimer Park Scotch Broom Removal

Latimer Park was overrun with Scotch Broom and the SNAP team removed the majority of the broom from the park before seeding season began. This project was the first of a multi-year project and long term plan for invasive species management in the area.

Telus Volunteer Day at Green Timbers Urban Forest

For this event, former and present Telus employees participated in a volunteer event to help SNAP remove Himalayan Blackberry from Green Timbers Urban Forest. This is part of their initiative to volunteer and give back to their community through a variety of local events.

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