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Sunnyside Acres Open House

This event was hosted at Sunnyside Acres forest in South Surrey and SNAP's Urban Forest Outreach Team, Tree Care Teams and Habitat Restoration Teams all participated by giving out information, guiding nature tours, leading a planting and educating the public about environmental topics

Kiyo Park Volunteer Event

The Kiyo Park Project was a Himalayan Blackberry removal close the the park's very important salmon bearing stream. The Outreach Team worked to get people involved in their community and improve their knowledge of invasive species.

Blackie Spit Park Outreach

The Urban Forest Outreach team often "park hosts" at Blackie Spit, an extremely environmentally sensitive area next to Cresent Beach. They work to educate the public to minimize the damage to the environment in this area and also offer park information, as well as educational nature artifacts for park users to explore.

Park Play Palooza

Park Play is a way for SNAP to engage with children through educational games that teach environmental lessons and encourage playing in nature, as well as being respectful of it. The goal is to get youth involved in environmental activities from a young age to encourage a more educated and sustainable future generation.

Surrey Fusion Fest

Surrey Fusion Festival is a large cultural festival at Holland Park that is full of vendors and fun activities. SNAP participated by educating the public about Surrey's parks, environmental topics and engaging with youth through games and nature artifacts.

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